Brick Buddies

Sensory Learning Activities
We’re excited to continue our weekly class for special communities (e.g., ASD, SPD), featuring a comfortable environment, engaging curriculum and supportive staff, all combining to help children learn key skills such as collaboration, social interaction, and communication.

• $240 for 12-week semester
• Age groups: 7-12 or 13-17 (teen night)
• 1 hour session
• Maximum enrollment: 10 child
• Parents are required to stay and participate or sit and relax while enjoying
a cup of coffee and snacks


“My grandson has SPD and absolutely fell in love with the BrickLab. We went for the first time on Sat. and he has woken up every morning asking to go to the BrickLab before school. We actually had to tell him it’s only open on Sat. his day off school because he was having a meltdown because he wanted to go there instead of school!! It’s a great place!”